Social Mobility

Mrs May’s claim to support social mobility is allegedly under pinned by her support for Grammar schools. Theresa is so enamoured of Grammar schools that she has sacked two Education Ministers who, armed with considerable research, rejected this fixation as having no place in a rational education policy. Having finally found a pliant minister Mr Damian Hinds, no I’ve never heard of him either, the PM has diverted £50million to fund extension of selective education. Assuming TM hasn’t yet found the fabled “magic money tree”, this money has been diverted from funding of mainstream schools. A criminal waste of precious resources. If May was really interested in social mobility she would stop the closure of the sure start centres. Research has shown that the key determinate of education success is the level of early years attainment. If May really cared about social mobility she would be investing in Sure Start, not wasting resources on Grammar schools.

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